Eyelash Extensions Fables You Should Be Aware of

Beautiful eyes are What every girl wants besides slender body, smooth skin, sharp nose, Brazilian butt, larger breasts, white or tanned skin, larger eyelid and more eyelash. They are what counts as beautiful in line with the world society today. When it comes to getting beautiful eyes, many girls with shorter eyelash opt to have eyelash extensions to acquire more eyelash and look more beautiful. But, there are a whole lot of myths regarding eyelash extensions you ought to know so you would not fall for them if you decide to find the extension on your own.

water based eyeliner for eyelash extension

 Many people think that Having extensions is debilitating. Well, it is, if it is done by unprofessional. If it is carried out by professional lash stylist, then it should not hurt in any way. Therefore, if you get one and it hurts, you will need to have it repaired by trained stylist. They understand how to do it correctly and safely so it would not hurt once attached. Among the biggest worries among girls who wish to do the expansion, is that it is going to create the natural lashes fall out. The reality is, your lashes continue growing and they live for around 60-90 days. Thus, you ought not be surprised if they fall out. They grow at different point.  Usually, you lose 1-3 lashes a day without even realizing it as they are extremely small. Another biggest worry and biggest myth is that the natural lashes will include the increased extended lashes. The reality is the other way around.

The water based eyeliner for eyelash extension will include the grown organic lashes. If the natural lashes are not attached to the extensions, it means the extensions fell apart and you will need to return to the stylist that did the extension and find some explanations. If it happens as a result of stylist incompetence, you will need to find a better stylist. Do not say yes if the practice supplies to redo it for you, since the outcome could be the same. But if the extension fell apart because of your error, getting fixed in precisely the identical extension practice is fine. The simple fact is, the extensions would not disturb the rise of the natural lashes. What may happen is, you are utilized to see yourself in the mirror with the long lashes. When the extensions removed, you will feel as the natural lashes look very thin and short. It will take a while until you are utilized to them.

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