A New Twist on European Pig Welfare

Americans have a love affair with pork. From dogs to bacon And sausage, the pig is a favorite dish from sun up to sun down from east coast to west coast. Possibly the most famed way to enjoy pork is to shake it nice and slow, and then tear it apart and smother it in BBQ sauce. Pig roasts have been social events for centuries asserting ancient roots tracing to Cuba, Hawaii and the American Deep South. Quite often these pig roasts are tied to holidays like Christmas or Memorial Day or in special occasions such as weddings or graduations. Americans, Cubans, and Hawaiians are not the only people in love with a pig roast however. You will also find pig roast customs in China, the UK and Indonesia.

Fresh Pork

And let us not forget that pig roasting is more than just flavor. It should also be about service. There’s something impressive about a whole pig turning slowly over an open pit. It appears grand and inspires your taste buds to begin watering. The visual builds anticipation, however, so you will want to be certain that the taste can deliver. Many people stuff the pig with herbs and spices to create an inner flavor, but some prefer to rub oils and fruit juices across the exterior of the hog allowing the flavor to gradually sink in.

However you plan to enjoy your Roast pig odds are you will want to cook it in a dramatic fashion. Most cooking methods start the same when the butcher divides the carcass in half and eliminates internal organs. From there some chefs decide to spread the pig on a normal grill to roast while some spear the remains and permit them to slowly rotate. This 歐洲豬福利 approach creates an even cooking which maintains internal juices. Either way you go you need to plan for a lengthy preparation period. It takes between four to eight hours to cook the pig completely into the suitable internal temperatures.

Traditional Hawaiian style cooking places the pig over lava stones lined with banana leafs. Pairing this with the conventional apple and pineapple glaze is what contributes to this touch sweet flavor often thought of if you find a slow spinning pig. It is only one way though. Cubans use a steel mesh and concrete blocks to make an oven style roaster that can cook and include a Smokey taste.

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